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Case analysis: Protozoa Patient ID: G.M, a 14 year old female from…Case analysis: ProtozoaPatient ID: G.M, a 14 year old female from Legazpi City. High school student. Chief compliant: Bloody diarrheaHistory of present illness: 2 weeks PTC G.M went attended a summer camp with her classmates in Kawa-Kawa Ligao City. 8 days PTC she experienced colicky abdominal pain, no fever, no vomiting, stool excretion 3-4 times in a day for the past 2 days. No consult was done and no medication was given. 4 days PTC her persistence of symptoms but of stool excretion is 4-6 times in a day for the past 2 days. No consultation done and no medication was given. 1 day PTC persistence of symptoms but with appearance of blood streaked stool prompted them for consult. Past medical history:(-) DM, asthma, heart disease, HTN, surgery. Family history:(+) DM, Heart disease – mother. (+) HTN – Father (-) asthma, cancer maternal and paternal side. Personal and Social History:Lives with her mother and father. Source of water is distilled water bought from a water refill station. Diet are mainly composed of vegetables and fish. She also stays inside the house and watch TV most of the time. Non-smoker, non-alcoholic drinker. ROS:(-) Weight loss, fever, vomiting. (+) Mild abdominal cramps, (+) Blood streaked stool. PE: Wt: 50 kg HT: 150 cms T: 38.0 deg C. O2 saturation: 98 % BP: 120/90CR: 100/min, RR: 30/min. HEENT: anicteric sclera, pink palpebral conjunctiva. Chest and heart: Symmetric expansions. Clear breath sounds, tachycardia, no murmurs. Abd: (+) epigastric abdominal pain and tenderness.    DRE: No mass, tight sphincter tone. (+) Dark red blood on examining finger.  DiagnosticsFecal analysis:Color: Light brown and blood streakedConsistency: Watery4-8/hpf WBC5-6/hpf RBC3-5/hpf Eggs were identified.   CBC:RBC: 4 Hgb: 13 g/dLHct: 32 %WBC: 12,500 Neutrophils: 52%Eosinophils: 10%Basophils: 1%Monocytes: 2%Lymphocytes: 35%Plt: 300 Chest x-ray: Normal  Abd x-ray: Normal ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUSTIONS:What is the Parasite identified in the fecal analysis of the patient? Why? What is the source of infection and mode of infection of the parasite in the patient’s case? What is the disease of the patient? Discuss the clinical manifestations in the patient that correlates with the disease? Will you perform other tests to confirm the diagnosis? What is the drug of choice for the treatment of the disease? Biology Science Microbiology

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solved:Case analysis: Protozoa Patient ID: G.M, a 14 year old female from…
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