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SOLVED : Google - Cybersecurity - Ray writers

 Outline how businesses have protected themselves from cybersecurity threats, and its impact on their working and competitiveness. Suggest a company (Google) that handled cybersecurity threats and developed mechanisms to maintain its working and competitiveness.

Paper should relate to some of the related concepts as specified in chapter 10, chapter extension 14, and Cybersecurity Portfolio.pdf file attachment

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SOLVED : Google – Cybersecurity
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Use section title (outline) as follows:

Describe cybersecurity in general.

Describe how cybersecurity impacts business in general.

Describe Google and its working/competitive environment. Anytime a company is described, make sure the company description provides details like its products, its history, etc. even if the company is widely known.

Outline how Google is handling cybersecurity threats to maintain its working and competitiveness. Provide instances of threats encountered and steps undertaken that are properly referenced.

12 Font, double space, 4 pages, include reference.

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