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SOLVED : DataMining - Ray writers

Your team will have to find a problem to solve that deals with an organizational issue that will be solved through the use of data mining.  There must be data mining calculations and graphics in the final deliverable. The team should meet prior to the residency weekend and agree to a problem they will solve using data mining techniques. On Friday evening, teams will meet for the residency weekend and put together a one-page proposal that must be reviewed and approved by the professor that states:

  1. The problem to solve.
  2. How data mining will solve the problem.
  3. Potential functions or concepts that will be used from the course.

On Saturday, teams will reconvene and complete the following:

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SOLVED : DataMining
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  1. A paper that includes:
    1. The problem- note the description and why its a problem and how you are going to make a recommendation with data mining techniques.
    2. The analysis of how data mining the data will solve the issue.
    3. Graphical representation and formulas to solve the problem.
    4. A summary of the consideration and evaluation of results
      1. This includes your teams final analysis of the problem and the resolution.

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