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SOLVED : 1000 words
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Securing IoT Devices: What are the Challenges?

Security practitioners suggest that key IoT security steps include:

1) Make people aware that there is a threat to security;

2) Design a technical solution to reduce security vulnerabilities;

3) Align the legal and regulatory frameworks; and

4) Develop a workforce with the skills to handle IoT security.

Final Assignment – Project Plan (Deliverables):

Address each of the FOUR IoT security steps listed above in terms of IoT devices.

Explain in detail, in a step-by-step guide, how to make people more aware of the problems associated with the use of IoT devices. Your writing, an academic paper, a WORD document in submission, should be in APA fromat with references, in your own words of about 800~1000 words (excluding the references). 

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