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SOLVED : Health Data - Ray writers

use the following link to download the Microsoft (MS) Excel file of World Health Statistics Health Status Mortality:

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SOLVED : Health Data
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The data presented shows the mortality rates by gender and country. Select two countries to compare with the United States and create the following in MS Excel:

A bar graph comparison of the United States and your two selected countries using the Life Expectancy at Birth by gender (columns F & G).
A pie graph comparison using the Healthy life expectancy by gender (columns H & I).
A scatter graph comparison using the Probability of dying per 1000 population between 15 and 60 years by gender (columns J & K).
A 2-D graph comparison using the Probability of dying per 1000 live births by years 2003 and 2000 (columns L & M).
Once you have completed the four graphs, provide a brief explanation (4-6 sentences) of what each graph is depicting. The explanation should not only identify the X- and Y-axis, but also provide a detailed explanation of the data.

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