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SOLVED : week 4 in-class activity - Ray writers

read the course files first before attempting the questions


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SOLVED : week 4 in-class activity
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Q1. Describe one or two advertisements that you recently saw/heard. (100 words)

Q2. Do you think that the ad(s) was manipulative? Why or why not?  (100 words)

 4-3 in-class activity

Q1. Do you agree with Susser, Roessler, and Nissenbaum that online manipulation is harmful, regardless of its outcomes? In other words, do you think that online manipulation can be fundamentally not harmful/good? (200 words)

Q2. Susser et al. suggest four potential ways to mitigate the harm of online manipulation: (1) Curtailing digital surveilance, (2) Problematising personalization, (3) Promoting awareness and understanding, and (4) Attending to context. What could be another way to mitigate the harm of online manipulation? Is there any solution from Susser et al. you’d like to criticize? Freely discuss & share what you think about these solutions.  (300 words)

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