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A key component of working as a manager is to conduct performance appraisals for the employees whom you are managing. You feel that the most effective way to carry out the performance appraisals is to create a written policy that details the way performance appraisals will be carried out.

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SOLVED : homework help needed in 4 hours
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Using the same facility you chose in Week 1, construct a policy that details how employee performance appraisals will be conducted in the organization. In your policy, be sure to address the following criteria at a minimum:

  1. Details of the appraisal process
  2. The frequency of performance appraisals
  3. The employees involved in the process

Keep in mind that the type of organization, as well as regulations, may impact the type of criteria that the employee is appraised on.

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.

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