Formulate Four Types of SWOT Strategies for HP

1. Strengths-Opportunities (SO)

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2. Weaknesses-Opportunities (WO)

3. Strengths-Threats (ST)

4. Weaknesses-Threats (WT)

In the handouts, you will see the HP SWOT analysis that has been done for you by some experts.Your first step is to select the most important elements of a SWOT analysis.The second step is to find good combinations of Strengths and Opportunities, Strengths and Threats, Weaknesses and Opportunities, and Weaknesses and Threats. To do this, use the four SWOT Strategy Matrixes (see in my handouts).Your third step is to formulate the strategies that HP should use. It is the most difficult step, which requires your creativity.Try to use only one sentence for each strategy! I will clarify this point in class.

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