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Active Listening

● Attending● Understanding● Remembering● Evaluating● RespondingListening Styles ● Action-Oriented● People-Oriented● Content-OrientedJohari Window – ● Open Pane● Secret Pane● Blind Pane● Unknown PaneSocial Penetration Theory – Rules of Self-DisclosureRelational Escalation Stages

● Pre-Interaction Awareness● Initiation● Exploration● Intensification● IntimacyRelational De-escalation Stages● Turmoil● Stagnation● De-Intensify● Individualization● Separation

● Post-InteractionDialectical Tensions ● Autonomy/Connection (Integration/Separation)● Novelty/Predictability (Change/Stability) ● Openness/Closedness (Expression/Privacy)the ways of managing dialectical tensions:● Temporal Selection● Topical Segmentation● Neutralization● Reframing● Integration 4 communication Styles● Aggressive● Passive● Passive-aggressive● AssertiveConflict Resolution Mode● Competing● Collaboration● Compromising● Avoiding● Accommodating

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