Chapter 4: Ethics & the Law

  • Read Chapter 4 (pp 65-80)
  • On p. 65 there is an opening conversation between Michelle Wicks & Tom Harolds
  • At the bottom of p. 77 & carefully review the Case Illustration; it is a continuation of the conversation b/w Michelle Wicks & Tom Harolds (p. 65) 


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  1. Do you feel Ms. Wicks should have gotten Marias consent to speak with Tom?
  2. Do you feel there is a potential for conflict between the law and ethics exists in this case? If so, in what part of the conversation would you say this happened? (You can say something like when Michelle did the following, she ___) If you do not believe there was conflict, please explain (You could say something like, I dont feel Michelle broke the law or the professional ethics because ____).    Please keep in mind, that these are only my suggestions to get you started with your answer. You can answer any way you wish, but I do not want your opinion without facts to support it; you will need to know & understand the concepts by reading the chapter, reviewing the PowerPoint slides, & watching the YouTube videos  
  3. How do you feel about Ms. Wicks contacting a colleague in this situation?  Is there anything else she could have done instead? Or is anything else she should do in addition to speaking with Mr. Harolds?

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