You have to go back and fix the paper. It was not done properly because it was rushed. Please add or fix the entire paper. This is what my professor said.
“One thing that is striking about all your sources, is how much attention is paid to Castro when, in fact, there were many other groups and leaders and individuals involved in the Revolution.  Your paper needs to deal with this, in some way.

I recommend taking a look at the book titled “Revolution within the Revolution: Women and Gender Politics in Cuba, 1952-1962?  by Michelle Chase.

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Also, your primary sources lean too heavily on the New York times.  Try to diversity a bit more.

As for your secondary sources, I am not sure they speak directly to the argument you are making in your paper.  Fisk does so more than Falk.  Falk’s piece is also a bit outdate, from the 1960s.  try to find more recent articles / books / chapters.”

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