Examine your film based on ethical concepts we’ve covered this semester. The following
concepts/topics are suggested:
Justifying your choice. Your rationale for choosing this film versus other ethically-
oriented films.
What underlying ethical concepts/theories are presented in your film? Some
examples could be conflict of interest, means justifying ends, ends justifying means,
utilitarianism, employee’s ethics, environmental ethics, etc.
Which characters serve as major stakeholders? Does the portrayal on film mirror
If the portrayal is not realistic, is it symbolic? How so? Are leaders depicted? Are
they ethical, or not? Explain.
Does the film explore workplace ethics? Are companies/corporations viewed as
ethical or unethical?
You are encouraged to create your own criteria for analysis, but make
sure we’ve covered it in the course/text. Refer back to topics from our textbook to help
support your conclusions.
Conducting an ethical analysis of your movie will involve multiple viewings, so choose
wisely. Consider selecting a film from the list available here (please copy and paste the

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SOLVED : Each student will select and view a motion picture through an ethical lens. You will identify the plot’s major ethical implications and/or conflicts. You will then conduct an “ethical analysis.” This analysis will be in the form of a four to six page pape
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