You now understand how to evaluate business opportunities and the factors that affect and define business requirements. You will now work on developing a business plan, keeping in my mind your vision and available resources. Think about a business or franchise you may want to buy someday.

Using the websites listed in Topic 8, select a business or franchise for sale that interests you and then provide a brief description of this business or franchise.

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SOLVED : Developing Strategic Plans
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Then answer the following in 350 to 525 words:
Describe the major products or services offered by this business or franchise.
What is the price or capital investment required to buy this business or obtain this franchise?
Identify 2 main competitors you would face if you bought this business and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
Summarize 3 strategies you would quickly introduce to increase sales.
Based on everything you know about this business or franchise, assess whether this is an attractive business opportunity.

Determine in 175 words (based on your skills, experience, and background), if you are to own a business in the future, whether you would start a new one or buy an existing one.

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