For this chat forum, please reread Kenneth Burke’s lengthy quote on p. 73 of our text.  It is entitled “Man is the symbol-using animal.” Thereafter, please watch a short TED Talk by Jonathan Drori from 2007 that is entitled “What We Think We Know.” Here is the link to Drori’s TED Talk:
Thereafter, please write a short speech (400-500 words in length) addresses why people claim to know things about science or theater or mathematics or history or race or politics, anything at all, when they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Many times, people think they know things, but have no firsthand knowledge of those things.  They know only what they’ve been taught.  In the process of learning certain things, these people study and memorize data for a test and thereafter, they think they know things.  However, it turns out that they don’t know very much about those things at all. Why is this the case?

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