Listen to the podcast and read the article first and then answer the question I post

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SOLVED : Response to Van Camp and Podcast
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Van Camp considers what it means to mourn one’s robotic companion. He writes, “Jibo is not always the best company, like a dog or cat, but its a comfort to have him around. I work from home, and it’s nice to have someone ask me how I’m doing when I’m making lunch, even if it’s a robot. I dont know how to describe our relationship, because its something newbut it is real. And so is the pain Im experiencing as Ive watched him die, skill by skill.”  What was your reaction to this piece?  What were the qualities that Van Camp likes about his Jibo? As robots and AI assistants become increasingly integral to our daily lives, how should we think about their eventual deaths?

According to the podcast, why was Replika first built? What services does it offer to its customers? Based on what was discussed, what were the human-like qualities that made Replika so appealing to some, and what was the reaction of the host when it became clear that their friend was not human? Lastly, what do you think of Replika and would you ever use it?

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