PSY 409 Outcomes Assessment Assignment Planning Document

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SOLVED : PSY409Scaffolding_ResearchQuestion1111.docx
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Step 1: Create a Research Question (RQ)

A well-written RQ statement is critical to successful research writing. Your RQ should direct the reader's focus on what he or she can expect to learn from the paper. It should introduce the subject matter of the essay and why it is worth reading.

When developing a research question, it is important to be as specific and linear as possible. A strong RQ for this project would include just a few simple variables that can be defined, measured, and analyzed. Keep in mind that whatever variables you choose for your research question will require a specific real-world measurement during the methods section.

In general, the formula for determining your thesis statement is “Does (Variable X) have an (affect) on (Variable Y)? For Example:

“Does increased activity on social media increase symptoms of depression?”

Fill out the following template to complete this handout:

Variable #1: _________drug abuse__________________________________________________________

Variable #2: ____unemployment_____________________________________________________________

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