The Great Resignation

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The Great Resignation and Its Impact on US Companies

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The great resignation is the increased rate than the normal rate of workers who are quitting their jobs in United States that started in 2021 and continued even after the easing the severity of covid-19 pandemic using vaccination. The major cause of the great resignation could be the reduction in rate of unemployment and increase in creation of more jobs (Rosalsky, 2022). It is found that many people were able to realize the best working environment that fits them during the pandemic period and therefore decided to switch their jobs in case they find that their current jobs are not supporting their well-being. This has left most US companies on a dilemma as they do not know where to start and how to curb the problem thus affecting their operations and performance. Therefore, the project will focus on the great resignation and how it has impacted the Unite States’ companies (Cook, 2021).

Question 3 (Literature review and Implications)

Literature Review

Research done by Bureau of Labor Statistics (Fontinelle, 2022) shows that a total of forty-seven million Americans decided to quit their jobs in 2021. However much the rate of quitting jobs by employees is on the rise, each and every individual has his/her own reasons for doing so. Some of the findings that have been outlined earlier on the topic include: mistreatment during the Covid-19 made workers to quit their jobs at any found opportunity; those workers who earned low-wages are now in a position to earn more because of them changing the employers; those workers who were supposed to resign in 2020 decided to delay their decision of quitting until there was improvement in the job market; experiences gained during the pandemic led to reevaluation of life priorities by the workers; and finally, burnout also resulted to the great resignation as people are seeking more meaningful work which has more improved work-life balance (Lord et al., 2021).


This project will enable us know and identify those impacts that the great resignation is imposing on the US companies and the reasons why workers prefer quitting to staying. Also, the findings it will enable the companies realize their weaknesses that are resulting to higher rate of employees’ resignation. By this, the companies will strategize in order to prevent further resignations and improve the working environment for employees and thus will improve the companies’ operations and performance (Sheather et al., 2021).

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