A Position Paper presents an arguable position about an issue. The goal of a position paper is to convince your readers that your opinion is valid and has merit. You will carefully examine your topic so that you can concisely develop your position in a highly focused and organized way and you will demonstrate an awareness of all sides of the issue. You will mainly discuss YOUR side of the argument. Persuade your readers that you have enough knowledge of this topic to be trusted. This means that you will include scholarly evidence and (if needed) insight from God is Not One to ensure the validity of your claims. The best part of this paper is that you will make your position easy for your readers to understand.

In this paper, you will select Choice A or Choice B. (choose A or B):

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SOLVED : Position Paper on Judaism
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Choice A: You will consider an issue of religious conflict, religious prejudice, or religious injustice that you care about, demonstrating that we are either blind to religious prejudices because it does not directly impact our lives, or we are unintentionally complicit due to our own implicit bias.

Choice B:  You will consider a positive issue or resistance to despair  in the form of a story of hope — concerning human rights justice, interfaith understanding, or interreligious story of encounter — that you care about, demonstrating that this kind of positive story does not usually make the news, so we must make sure that we find a place for these stories to be heard.

    You will include two (more are welcome!) scholarly (not popular) sources. 

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