The company is Kohls.
Please make a plan for Company Kohls.
A report from each student (8 10 pages long) covering those sections of the project that he or she was responsible for: 10 pages for first 2 sections, 10 pages for section 3 and 4
o Section 1 Company Background
o Section 2 Business Continuity Management
o Section 3 Risk Assessment
o Section 4 Business Impact Analysis
Section 1 Company Background – The first section should be an enhancement of the initial Business Selection Document. In addition to the key elements from the Business Selection Document, this section should include pertinent information relating to the organizations financial and marketing performance, organizational structure, leadership summary, board of directors related information, as well as additional data on the companys key business areas and operational functions, etc. The information presented in this section should set the stage for the following sections of the report.
o Section 2 Business Continuity Management In this second section, students will prepare a BC policy statement; identify the scope of the BCP, including what should and shouldnt be included in the program; cover some of the governance parameters associated with the BCP, including what framework, standards and regulations will be utilized; summarize some of the key roles and responsibilities for the BCP, etc. Its very important that this BCM section be specific to the business entity selected and not just a macro-level, generic summary.
o Section 3 Risk Assessment – The third section shall cover the identification of those risks that can adversely affect the entitys employees, other resources or image. These risks will be assessed to determine their potential probability of occurrence and then their possible impacts to the entity. The next step will be to prepare a risk and vulnerability assessment and recommendations to leadership for approval. Finally, a risk appetite statement will be developed for the entity.
o Section 4 Business Impact Analysis – The fourth section addresses the identification and prioritization of the entitys critical functions and processes in order to ascertain which ones will have the greatest impact should they not be available. This will include a quantitative and qualitative assessment of these impacts. One of the outcomes of this analysis will be to establish a recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for the critical operational areas and the technology that supports those areas.

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