17. Teachings from Siddhartha  


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1. Choose one of the philosophers from this week’s readings (Teachings from Siddhartha). Explain why you were drawn to this particular person and what you learned.

2. What were you taught about people from other cultures? Where the people who raised you open to learning about those who are different (whether race, culture, religion), or were they distrustful of others? 

3. Do you have any personal experience of learning about a new culture (whether you were raised in the US and traveled outside of it or whether you were born elsewhere and came to the US)? How have these experiences changed you? 

4. Learning from other cultures broadens our own minds and teaches us to be tolerant of others. Is there a downside to accepting everything that another culture believes? Should we be tolerant of everything another culture does, or is it okay to criticize others?


You should create an initial post of at least 350 words.

For full points, did you:

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