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Lab 10 Video Exercise – Virtual Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour Questions.

Watch the provided YouTube video in the weekly assignments folder and then answer the following questions from the information detailed in the video. – How do wastewater treatment plant work? Then complete the questions below over the video and submit your video exercise questions within the weekly assignments folder link within ecampus.

1. Where does your waste go after you flush it down the drain?

2. How many estimated wastewater treatment plants in the United States?

3. What is the first step of the wastewater process?

4. What does it remove during this process?

5. What happens to this debris they remove?

6. What is the Grit Chamber?

7. What are the types of Grit Chambers?

8. What is the primary treatment process?

9. What do we call the water after the primary process?

10. What is secondary treatment?

11. Define aerobic digestion:

12. What are biofilters?

13. What happens to the effluent following the aeration basin?

14. What happens in the secondary clarifiers?

15. What percentage, at the disinfection process, of all organic matter is removed from the water?

16. Is the effluent safe to drink after the disinfection process?

17. What are the three common ways to disinfect the effluent?

18. How does each disinfection process work?

19. How do we decide which disinfection process to use?

20. What is the effluent release process?

21. What are the two types of effluent release?

22. What is full cycle water reuse?

23. How long does it take for a drop of water to enter and exit the wastewater treatment process?

24. What organization outlines the necessary treatment for a wastewater treatment plant?

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