JUST TYPE THE ANSWER AND DONT DO IT AS A APA OR MLA FORMAT. AND THE REFERENCES AS A HYPERLINK. The legacy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911 included 36 new labor and safety laws passed by the New York state legislature. These laws were used as a model for other states and similar laws were adopted across the country in the years that followed. We take many of these laws, such as fire codes in commercial buildings, for granted today. On a much larger scale, the current coronavirus pandemic is revealing a different set of vulnerabilities and social inequalities in the U.S. workforce and American society. As you look back more than 100 years into the past at the Triangle Fire, many of the lessons from that tragedy seem obvious. Now imagine the year is 2121.When business students look back in 100 years and study the legacy of the coronavirus pandemic on America and its businesses, what obvious legal and social changes do you think they will see?For this assignment:

  • Describe at least two vulnerabilities and/or inequalities in the U.S. workforce that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to light.
  • Predict the potential legacy of the coronavirus pandemic for American businesses. Be specific.
  • Use strong logic and compelling evidence to build your argument. Embed HYPERLINK ( IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO A HYPERLINK JUST UPLOAD THE LINK)  to credit your sources of evidence and/or supporting information.


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