HLP #20, Provide Intensive Instruction, # 21, Teach Students to Maintain and Generalize New Learning Across Time and Settings, # 22(8), Providing Positive and Corrective Feedback

Write 2 separate entries, one about the # 20 video and one describing helpful content from at least one of the 3 chapters. See full credit below.

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SOLVED : HLP #20, 21, 22
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1. Read Ch. 20 and watch the, HLP #20: Provide Intensive Instruction.  (Links to an external site.)This video consist of two parts. In Part 1, the authors provide a definition and rationale for intensifying instruction. In Part 2, the authors highlight components of the data-based individualization process championed by the National Center on Intensive Intervention.

Describe both parts in your own words. Discuss the team process of DBI or data-based individualization and the components of DBI. Relate it to your own professional experiences with examples.

2. Read Ch. 21 on HLP 21, Teach Students to Maintain and Generalize New Learning Across Time and Settings and describe what you find helpful in pages 302-306 regarding Generalization Strategies.

You may also check out this webpage on Intensive Interventions and Special Education (Links to an external site.) from the NCII website (Links to an external site.) which is referenced in the HLP #20 video.

3. Read Ch. 22 and watch the HLPs #8 and #22: Provide Positive and Constructive Feedback to Guide Students Learning and Behavior and read and discuss HLP textbook, Chapters  8 and 22. You will identify what you find helpful in terms of what you are currently doing and what you gain from this information.

In Ch. 8, check out Table 8.1 at the elementary level and/or  8.2 at the secondary level to identify feedback strategies you currently use and note if they are examples or non-examples. In Ch. 22. Also note the characteristics of effective feedback strategies, especially ‘Sincere, Contextually, and Culturally Relevant. The HLPs do not devote a practice to being culturally responsive so I wanted to bring your attention to this section on p. 111.

In Ch. 22, check out the Table 22.1, Feedback Levels: Progressing from Task to Self-Regulation. A major focus for students with exceptionalities is to learn self-regulation. This table and the chapter content will provide some good information on how to support students in progression towards self-regulation.


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