Your project will certainly involve gathering information, but, more importantly, it will express quite different points of view, reflect different kinds of literacy (visual literacies, textual literacies, computer literacies), and use a variety of genres, voices and media.  Use concepts from our textbook to deepen your analyses and interpretations.  Your project should combine the factual, the emotional, the imaginative and the critical.  So use anything available to you for creation, discovery and communication. Try the untried.  Be expansive.

This project will be interpretivethat is, it will need to look at alternative representations of the problem and multiple points of view, and it will need to interpret those representations and points of view.
The project will be ethicalthat is, it will need to analyze and evaluate the problem carefully as an issue with complex moral dimensions in a cosmopolitan, global context.
The project will be expressivethat is, it will need to include some original and creative ways of representing and teaching the issue.

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SOLVED : Globalization: Sexual accusations or assault
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            Application of some of the courses analytical concepts pertaining to                                              globalization, ethics, modern/postmodern theories, and visual culture
            Diversity in perspectives (cultures, theories, humanities interpretive strategies)
            Originality and/or taking the old and making it new
            Strong selection of sources, including academic sources

How does globalization impact sexual accustions or assault?

Definition / Statistics

Steps in reporting, what would you tell someone who got sexually assaulted

High risk, low risk

Age and gender


pre modern / postmodern

Statistics in other countries about reporting ( India, China, Middle east)

Do they report more or less and what’s the process in reporting?

Honor killings vs revenge killings

How does this tie into globalization?

Pg. 67 Cosmopolitans shame

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