Discussion Question #3

The University of Colorado Hospital model is one example of an evidence-based multidisciplinary practice model.  It presents a framework for thinking about how you use different sources of information to change or support your practice.  Select a situation from your clinical practice and apply the model.  For example, if you were caring for an elderly patient admitted with a hip fracture sustained during a fall at home, what benchmarking data would you review to compare the patient’s length of stay with that of other patients with fractured hips?  What standards of care would be used?  Are these institutional specific or do they also incorporate any specific outside organizations’ guideline? Another example would be COVID-19?  What is the EBP for COVID-19?

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Well- developed ideas. Introduces a new point. Made at least 2 response postings with follow up discussion based on insight, knowledge and personal reflection Clear referencing of at least 2 sources no more than  years old ,  including class readings, outside references and clinical application Point range 11-15 points Applies higher level thinking including application, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation. Student asks at least one question with possible solutions that indicate serious thought is taking place. Point range – 8-10 points

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