When asked a question like, "How does one apply Data Science?", we as the subject matter expert (SME) are given the chance to impart specific knowledge to the person asking the question. For the discussion forum, identify a specific function that a data scientist might perform as part of working with data.

Your initial response is a minimum of  200 words. There should be a minimum of one reference supporting your observations. 

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SOLVED : Discussionand6Responses.docx
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2 Responses (each responses should be Minimum 100 words)


1.   Please refer to the discussion forum rubric on the course information tab for this assignment.2.   Initial discussion board posts are due by Wednesday (mmddyyyy) at 11:59 pm (EST) and responses to two of your classmates are due by Sunday (mmddyyyy) at 11:59 pm (EST).3.    Each week to earn full points on the discussion forums, make sure to include outside sources to support your discussion.4.    All work is to be original.

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