Clinical Intervention II

Psychosocial Case Study

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SOLVED : BiopsychosocialCaseStudyAssignment.docx
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You will review the case study provided to develop a biopsychosocial, determine the mental status examination, and apply a diagnosis using the DSM V. You must use the following outline to write-out the biopsychosocial:

I. Presenting Problem

II. Background Information/History

III. Medical History

IV. Education

V. Employment History

VI. Substance Abuse History

VII. Mental Status Examination

Diagnostic Impression

You will use the DSM V to diagnose the identified client. You write put your diagnosis in bold with the proper ICD code. What is the primary, secondary, and tertiary diagnosis you would give this client? Why? You need to use DSM V citation(s) to justify the reason for your diagnosis. What is your diagnostic impression of this client? You will need to use three literature (journals or books) to justify your clinical impressions.

You must use APA 7th edition writing style to correctly highlight the subtitle of the biopsychosocial and diagnostic impression. This paper will be 6-7 pages double space in 12 size fonts. This assignment is worth 30 points.

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