Heat waste

Increasing the temperature wil reduce the dissolved oxygen which the fish are rely so temperature is not increased in water bodies.

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Bottom Ash : falls to bottom of furnace, larger particles, heavier and it contains inorganic and organics that don’t burn.

Fly Ash : Lighter by weight, smaller particles that “fly” up in the air and can be captured by air[pollution control equipment.

Ashi is 25% by weight and 5% by volume of the original waste.

Thus, combustion reduced waste mass by 75 and volume by 95%.

Problem with ash :

It disposal and potential environment contamination.


Test for determining whether metals leaching is a problem.

LEAF : Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework.

Concentration of leached metals is 100x drinking water, ash is classified as hazardous waste.

Fly ash is often a hazardous waste; bottom ash is not.

Mixture : Non-hazardous.

Reduce metals leaching : use as n building blocks, add lime or limestone to raise pH so metals is in insoluble form,

Beneficial ways to reuse ash:

· Road base, asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete

· Adsorbents

· Capping Strip mines

Air pollution Control Technologies …..(copy) i

Unit 4

Sustainability : what does it mean to engineer :

Sustainability :

Remember three pillars for sustaninability which is People, Planet and profit.

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