Think about how your life has gone in relation to Erikson’s stages of development (see website in Module 1 Resources and textbook Chapter 1 Section 2 Scientific Conceptions/Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory). Think about important events and talk to family members if available to help you chronicle the major milestones of your life. What were some things that impacted your development  in each of Erikson’s stages? For each stage you have completed up to now, do you believe that you have achieved mostly the positive outcome or mostly the negative outcome and why or why not? Write YOUR life story from the standpoint of Erikson’s developmental stages. (I don’t need you to explain Erikson’s stages to me; this is the story of how YOU personally have experienced the stages.) .
identify and name at least 4 specific Erikson stages to discuss how YOU personally have experienced them (Name the stages like “trust vs. mistrust”, “intimacy vs. isolation”, etc., as you discuss each stage.

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