Topic: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Minorities
PART 1: For this assignment, you will develop a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) for radio, television, or a website to further bring attention to the issue you have been writing about. Your product, whichever option you choose, must include a voice-over or recorded PSA. Therefore, you will need access to a microphone for this assignment. The modules required reading from the Community Toolbox covers how to prepare PSAs and when to consider using them. Their examples of PSA scripts are very useful and can give you ideas about how to approach the assignment.

Identify the main purpose and target audience of your PSA.
Develop a 30-second prerecorded PSA (~ 60-75 words) for radio, television, or a website.
Make sure to submit both your script and prerecorded PSA.
Your PSA should include a catchphrase that makes your message memorable. Below are examples of health campaign catchphrases.

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Milk does a body good.

This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

PART 2: Any good health communications campaign contains multiple avenues to convey the same information. Therefore, please include the following as well, remembering to keep your social media content original and using the same catchphrase created for Part 1.

One (1) original (sample) Facebook post to promote your PSA
One (1) original (sample) Twitter feed to promote this PSA
One (1) sample image that can be used on Instagram including the text of your catchphrase used in Part 1
Length: 1-page script, a 30-second recording, and sample social media contents for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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