I want at least 7 pages with the following headings:


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SOLVED : Nonlinear optics
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            A short paragraph explaining how polarization is used to control the power output of short pulse lasers with minimal pulse distortion. (We can talk about this but this might help: https://eksmaoptics.com/femtoline-components/femtoline-polarizing-optics/variable-attenuator-for-femtosecond-laser-pulses-990-0072/)


            Figure with explanation of s and p polarization

Brewsters Angle

            Derive Brewsters angle and describe what it is. Include a figure


Explain what birefringence is with a figure in terms of the optical axis and the fast and slow axis

Half wave plate

            What is a half wave plate and what is it used for? Include a figure

Jones matrix

            What is the Jones matrix for a half wave plate as a function of rotation angle?

Jones Calculus

Determine the jones calculus for p-polarized coherent light incident on a half-wave plate followed by a beam splitter set at Brewsters angle.

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