-Identify a large company to be your mentor company to analyze and formulate its global marketing strategy.

-Select one of the following companies: Anheuser-Busch InBev, FedEx, Samsung, H&M, American Express, Taco Bell, Uber, Zappos, Airbnb, Target, Amazon, KIA, or PayPal.

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SOLVED : Global Marketing Plan Part 1
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-Under an Environmental Analysis heading
Construct an environmental analysis for your chosen company in the global arena and regarding the below factors:
Social and Cultural
Political, Legal, and Regulatory

-Under a General Strategy heading
Based on your environmental analysis, identify a country in one of the following regions for your company to expand to. If your company is already in a selected country, you will examine their global marketing strategy in that areas and formulate your own successful strategy:
Latin America
Middle East

-Explain your rationale for selecting the country in one of those regions. To explain your rationale, consider the following criteria in that selected region and particularly in your selected country and analyze how these criteria impacted your decision to expand to that country
Social factors
Cultural Factors
Legal Factors
Political Factors

Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.

Course Text: Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2020). Global marketing (10th ed.). Pearson.
Chapter 4: Social and Cultural Environments
Chapter 5: The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments
Chapter 6: Global Information Systems and Market Research

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