Evaluate the use of digital health technologies in Saudi Arabia that would support expanding patient access to medical care by researching a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles on this topic and then creating a brochure or infographic using appropriate templates available online. Discuss how these information technology innovations can benefit the Saudi population and how they align with the MOH strategic plans. What barriers or challenges prevent the adoption of these technologies, and what would you recommend to remove those barriers or challenges? Demonstrate how this recommendation will increase patient access to care and support the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030. 

Elements to be explained:
* Digital health expanding access to medical care
* Information technology innovation benefits
* Barriers and challenges to adoption
* Recommendations to remove barriers and challenges
* Achieving Saudi Vision 2030
* Conclusion summary

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Create a brochure or infographic using appropriate templates available online that the Ministry of Health could use to support Saudi healthcare organizations in their adoption of Telehealth to provide greater access to healthcare services for their patients. 
Your brochure should meet the following structural requirements:

* A two-page brochure that includes all the elements detailed above.
* Follow APA 7th edition.
* Be sure to cite any statistics or other information as appropriate. 
* Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of three scholarly articles.

Review this video for an overview of how to create infographics:

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