Core objective: Part 1 – A minimum 25 word interpretation of a visual artifact on a course related topic using standard written English.

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SOLVED : Coreobjectiveartifacts.docx
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You will submit a minimum 25 word written interpretation of any visual artifact of your choice. The visual artifact (picture, photo, drawing etc.) must portray to the observer the overall physical, mental, social and emotional well-being benefits associated with that artifact. Examples might be a picture of a certain type of exercise equipment, a picture of a person involved in a sport or exercise activity, a picture of a nutritional food or product etc. (be creative).

Start here by inserting a picture and then followed by your 25 word interpretation…..

for 2.5 hours at moderate intensity—or 1.25 hours at vigorous intensity—each week.  Moderate activities are those during which a person could talk but not sing. Vigorous activities are those during which a person could say only a few words without stopping for breath.

Start here with your 25 word interpretation of this graph as it relates to the estimated possible health benefits of physical activity….

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