In your final assignment you are tasked with demonstrating theoretical synthesis and critical reflection. You will be evaluated by your ability to define key concepts, support your arguments, and apply class and textual material. The expectation here is a well-reasoned series of answers with a high level of critical thinking, originality of thought, and mastery of the subject matter. The writing should be structured and is expected to have no discernible grammatical or phrasing issues.

Using at least three sources (primarily long form, investigative newspaper or magazine articles). I would like you to analyze the political-economic situation in Bolivia over the last three or so years.

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Consider the spectrum of actors involved. The regional context and the importance of external forces: from the Organisation of American States (OAS) to the United States. Theoretically, what is the iron law of oligarchy? How does it relate to Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism?

You are encouraged to provide context with any information you deem necessary. And, perhaps most importantly, apply themes from our textbook including structural, rational choice, or cultural theory.

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