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SOLVED : rubric.docx
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1. Provided a comprehensive overview of the interprofessional collaborative practice model 90-100%

2. Thoroughly explained the benefits the IPCP model provides 90-100%

3. Fully explained how IPCP impacts health care delivery 90-100%

4. Fully discussed factors that promote IPCP 90-100%

5. Fully discussed barriers to IPCP 90-100%

6. Fully explained the role a baccalaureate-prepared nurse would play in an interprofessional team 90-100%

7. Fully explained how evidence surrounding IPCP guides clinical practice 90-100%

8. The assignment was fully formatted according to APA guidelines, and it included correct APA citation of sources. 90-100%

9. Accuracy in the grammar, sentence structures, sentence boundaries, and word choice enhanced content 90-100%

10. Accurate punctuation enhanced the content. 90-100%

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