State in YOUR words what finding/s of the studies that you reviewed you decided to employ with the client /client system that you discussed for step #1 of this assignment? For example, I plan to apply the finding that.
    How might you plan to recruit input from your client and involvement in your plan for evaluating their progress (not for the plan for intervention)? I.e. how will you learn what the client thinks about the finding that you are considering?  Does the client have any reactions, suggestions, thoughts and other reactions to the suggested plan for evaluating their progress?
    How do you propose evaluating and monitoring your clients or client systems progress / outcome?  Be as specific as possible relative to the details of the evaluation plan rather than making general statements, address issues of what exactly, how, where, when and WHY you plan to monitor client progress. Conceptualize, i.e. use concepts that you learned for the discussion of procedures and strategies that you choose to apply. Please pay attention: You are NOT conducting a study; rather, you are evaluating if the plan that you implement works for this particular client, to what degree and how so.
    What are some strengths and limitations of your proposed plan for evaluating the clients progress (NOT of the intervention plan)?
    Provide a summary and reflection of the overall experience of this assignment. What did you learn from using an evidence-based practice approach?

This part of the final assignment is worth 20 points and is expected to be up to 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 font.

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