Instructions: Watch the six (6) Defining Hope videos. Reflect on what you learned by creating a written reflection paper. Discuss how your new knowledge and/or skills can be applied to your practice. Be sure that your reflection incorporates and answers the following:

Fully discuss the learning concepts explored in the six (6) Defining Hope videos; what are your five (5) take-aways? 
Explain how your 5 take-aways can be applied to practice.
In the last video you were introduced to Jose, a heart transplant recipient
Explain how palliative care could be helpful to Joses family in the situation you learned about. 
Considering developmental level, what communication techniques could you use when Jose says, sometimes I cry? What might you say?
References are not required for this reflection paper. APA format is required. Please see grading rubric for expectations in the completion of this assignment. 

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