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Solved by verified expert:Each student is asked to observe a student or the school eco system. Using the Mapping Well Being PDF and your direct observation, discuss how the event impacted the wellbeing of the student or school ecosystem. Within your paper, use the Well Being Quadrants to explain your discussion (positive or negative): 1. Discuss your observation2. What was the impact of the event on the student. 3. What was your reaction to the event 4. How could a school counselor support or impact the wellbeing in this eventThe event will be school career day and shadow day. One that day, school will invite different people with different occupations to come to school and talk about their careers and how did they got in to that job. Also, the for the shadowing part, the counselors in career center will connect the students to different job they would like to try and shadow them for one day.

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Expert answer:well being observation
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