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Expert answer:watch answering questions
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ESCI 130
HW 9 – Earth Revealed – Waves, Beaches, Coasts
1. Where do waves get their energy?
2. What is moving as a wave approaches the coast?
3. Describe wave mo;on in detail.
4. What is wave base? How it is determined?
5. What happens when wave base intersects the seafloor? Describe in detail.
6. What is a tsunami? Describe in detail.
7. What is refrac;on, and how does it tend to even out an irregular coastline?
8. Describe how longshore currents transport sediments along the beach face.
9. Why do beaches change from season to season?
ESCI 130
10. How do dams affect beach erosion?
11. How does the moon affect the ;des?
12. How does glacial ac;vity affect sea level?
13. What is a eusta;c sea level change?
14. What is the role of the geologist in the protec;on of the coastlines?

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