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Solved by verified expert:1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: The business world has experienced numerous changes as a result of technology and globalization. It is important for Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals to be prepared for these changes.Explain in what way have technology and globalization changed the work environment. Provide two real-life examples.Discuss the effects of these changes on HRM. You may use one of the human resource management functions (staffing, training and development, motivation, maintenance) in your response, if needed.2.Reply your thoughts on the following comments in 175 words.Technology has assisted with Human Resources Management but it has also made it more difficult in other ways. From a perspective of making it more difficult I believe that technology has given HR another challenge of having to monitor to ensure that staff are not abusing or slandering the company. When I was a VP at a different company, I received a call from HR one day that a matrix report of mine went on Twitter and was slandering the company because of a recent change that was implemented. I had to address the issue with the employees manager, along with the employee themselves and decide whether I wanted to terminate employment or place them on a final warning.I do believe that technology has helped from a hiring perspective though. Not only are you able to get your job posting out to the world faster but you have a broader range of candidates to select from. Technology has also enabled HRM to only have certain candidates forwarded to them by having certain requirements that are needed on a resume that is submitted.3.Reply your thoughts on the following comments in 175 words.When looking at the business world there are numerous changes as a result of technology and globaization, as stated above. Yes, the human resource management professionals need to be prepared for these changes in order maintain the proper training of the individuals who work within these organizations.Globalization and technology have changed the work enviroment in many ways. One way that comes to mind immediatly is the technological advancement of the cellular telephones. When Cellular telephones technology first emerged HRM had to address the changes by training and development and implimentation protocal that supported the use of the new devices. Another technological advancement is the use of video confrencing to join colleagues that may be half way around the world. This provided another training and development oportunity in order for organizations and their employees to understand how to best utilize this new technology.Globalization provides a unique set or opportunities for companies to break into markets that they would not have been able to previously. Prior to the new and amazing advancements such as the internet. But with all of these new technological advancements and global market places the wider range of reach for companies provides a problem, cultural differences or cultural barriers. The use of cultural training provide to organizations by HRM enables companies to navigate these differences smoothly.

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Expert answer:University of Phoenix Globalization and Technology
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