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Solved by verified expert:Assignment 3b: Threats Defense Argument The
information you provided in your presentation on Threats to the Global
Environment has led to productive debates at the UN General Assembly!
There are now questions about prioritizing the issues at hand. Some of
the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your
reasons for not including the issues they believe are priority.From
the initial eight global threats, there are four remaining threats that
you did not choose in the list of major global issues. Review the list
of topics and reflect on two that you did not use in last week’s
assignment. Defend your reason for considering these topics lower in
priority than the ones in your presentation.

Energy sources

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Expert answer:Threats Defense Argument
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Civil war


Poor health of entire populations

Lack of educational opportunities

Cultural taboos

Inappropriate uses of technology

Climate change

The completed version of this assignment will consist of the following: Select two threats from the list above that you did not use in your Assignment 3a presentation.Create a minimum two-page document in which you outline a counterargument for the two threats you selected:Write an opening statement describing the perception of each threat. Write
one paragraph for each threat (two paragraphs total) in which you give
three reasons to explain why the threat is less of a priority to the
global environment than the four you selected in Assignment 3a. Support
your reasons with at least three credible sources.A conclusion statement for each threat. 3.Cite
at least three credible sources excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and
encyclopedias for your assessment. A brief list of suggested resources
has been provided at the end of the course guide.

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