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Solved by verified expert:Read “The IP Software Company Case Study Fact Pattern”. You are then to do the exercise for “Day 1” and “Day 3”.

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Expert answer:The IP Software Company Case Study Fact Pattern
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The IP Software Company Case Study Fact Pattern
The IP software Company ( IPSC) is a Silicon Valley, United States, based company
incorporated in California. It was founded by Wang, a Chinese student who was
educated in the Executive MBA program at the Auburn University (“AU”).
Upon graduation from the UA MBA program, Mr. Wang teamed up with some other
students from Auburn University and designed a software program for calculating the
value of intellectual property for businesses and their financiers. Intellectual property
is considered the most valuable asset of many global companies. Mr. Wang learned this
fact at UA. He did a lot of research in this graduate program on the subject. There he
learned that valuing intellectual property was still done mostly manually. He thought
that the world market must be ready for a better and more efficient way in which to
value it.
Mr. Wang called his cousin who was working at a prestigious law firm in California
and had him incorporate a company in the state on his behalf. Mr. Wang reasoned that
California was where many venture capitalists and software marketing companies were
based. If he had his headquarters there, he believed that he would be more attractive to
venture capitalists for funding and would be best able to market his product.
Mr. Wang recruited a team of talented computer science and accounting graduates from
UA to work on his idea. He knew that Alabama was a much less expensive place to
conduct programming work than California. Therefore, he would set up his
programming and software development office in Alabama. He felt that this would save
significant resources and provide him with two offices in the United States that could
geographically support customers from one coast to another.
Mr. Wang had his new employees and consultants all sign non-disclosure and work for
hire agreements before he shared his ideas with them. He wanted to make sure that all
intellectual property created by employees and consultants of his company would be
owned by his company. He then worked with them to develop a series of algorithms
and formulas to value intellectual property in a manner that certified public accountants
would accept as reasonable methodologies for audit purposes worldwide.
Having achieved this, he then drafted a detailed business plan. He also developed a
presentation for investors in a power point form. It was intended to be presented in 15
minutes or less. Mr. Wang then arranged to make his presentation to “angel” and
“venture capital” groups in California. At such presentations he met a number of
venture capitalists that expressed interest in investing. He also presented to the Alabama
“angle” investor group since he was seeking to grow the development operation in
Alabama. Between the two groups in California and Alabama, his company received
initial funding of one million dollars to build the software and commence marketing it.
Mr. Wang anticipates raising three to five million dollars in the next round of investment
once the software is developed and a global marketing plan put in place. He needs to
show investors that his business team has planned ahead for contingencies and has a
strong strategic view of the global market for the product.
IPSC has just opened a branch office and hired your team to run it. Mr. Wang believes
that the business strategy for the company’s future international expansion should come
from your office. Mr. Wang arrives next week and your team has three days to complete
all of the work he wanted done and present it to him. Your team has decided to break
the work into three different presentations for him over three days.
Fact Pattern and Exercise for Day 1
For the first presentation, Mr. Wang has tasked your team to select potential
international markets for IPSC’s software product. You need to develop a list of the
critical considerations for selecting appropriate markets for the software product.
Having developed a list of such considerations, you are to select five potential
international markets for the software and explain the potential strengths and
weaknesses of such markets.
Fact Pattern and Exercise for Day 3
For the third presentation, Mr. Wang has tasked you to assist the company in selecting
a growth strategy through establishing a foreign office. You need to develop a list of
the critical considerations for such establishment. Mr. Wang wants to know the
advantages or disadvantages of moving forward with such an approach as opposed to
simply using local distributors.

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