Solved by verified expert:Help me write a paper on history of modern art design. At least one image per page, two plates total must be from Raizman’s text.

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Select one of the authentic art movements discussed during the term, a
complete list can be found in the syllabus located in the CID module. Your
assignment is to write and create a short research paper that explains and
defines the movement you selected. The initial aspect of the assignment
should be approached in the traditional sense of research and reporting, in
addition and equal to the traditional approach, the paper should represent the
overarching concept of Form Matches Content.
The general idea of Form Matches Content can be defined as creating a
product that visually represents its meaning, another way to articulate the idea
of FMC is that the product should look like what it means.
The FMC aspect of your research project is to create the paper as if it’s a
product of the movement, meaning, the paper should visually represent the
esthetic, characteristics and traits of the selected movement.
Herb Lubalin (1918-1981) was masterful at transforming typography to convey
the meaning of the word(s). His work provides us with a good example of
FMC, however keep in mind the idea of FMC is not limited to the application
of typography, consider FMC as a concept that is applicable to most applied
Minimum five pages, one cover page and four content (including images) plus
citation or works cited pages (as many as needed)
Approximately 800-1000 words total. Use font Times Roman 11 point for the
body text of the report.
Cover page should include:
Title, Sub-head (if needed), Your Name, ART 113 History of Modern Design,
Professor Zeggert, Date
Think of the cover page as a way to visually establish and represent your
movement and set the tone for the rest of the project.
The content of the paper should include:
Introduction: Brief and to the point, write tight and bright
Comprehensive content: Explain and define the movement, the contributors
and any social trends relevant of the period
To contextualize your report, use the 3 (Is) framework, (from the Introduction
Module) address the Impact, Interest and Importance of the movement
Use the formal elements as a foundation for your discussion, especially when
discussing the esthetic of the movement, include opinion if appropriate
Conclusion: this can be forward looking, too
At least one image per page, two plates total must be from Raizman’s text.
The objects in Raizman’s textbook are fairly well known. Nevertheless, you’ll
need to do library and/or Internet research to complete this assignment.
Image credits:
Should be placed below the lower right of the image and read as:
Title of work (italicized), artist. Example: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt
Credit font and size:
Arial, 9 point
Number pages and sub-title
Works Cited page(s):
This page should be titled: “Works Cited”, arranged items in alphabetical
should include (but not be limited to), Raizman’s History of Modern Design.

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