Solved by verified expert:Assignment 3a: Threats to the Global EnvironmentDue Week 9 and worth 150 pointsCongratulations! The United Nations has hired you as a consultant on global issues.Many of the UN members are not satisfied with the progress of the Millennium Development Goals. They believe that the goals focus on the wrong issues. There is a disconnect between the types of issues the developed countries in the UN believe are priorities versus the issues that developing countries of the UN want to prioritize. For example, the country of Burundi has requested that one of the goals be focused on food security. However, Austria is adamant that the major current global issue is to mediate ceasefires within countries experiencing a civil war.You have been asked to provide an unbiased perspective and identify the four issues that have the biggest impact on the global environment.Of the eight major threats listed below, choose the four that you consider the most critical.Energy sourcesCivil warGlobalizationPoor health of entire populationsLack of educational opportunitiesCultural taboosInappropriate uses of technologyClimate changeYou will present your findings at the next UN General Assembly. Your goal is to provide a brief history of each issue, the number of countries affected, and the effects of this threat on the world population.The completed version of this assignment will include the following:A PowerPoint presentation containing relevant information for the UN General Assembly on four of the eight threats listed above.The order of your slides should reflect the order of priority you assign to the four threats you have chosen.Create a minimum of four slides per threat (for a minimum 16 slides total) on the following topics:A brief history of the threatThe number of countries affected, and how they are affected (giving examples)The effects of this threat on the world population as a wholeInclude a chart or graph (see #4 below).Each of the four slides will include:A paragraph in the notes section to explain how the details you have provided in the slide is pertinent to the UN’s discussion on selecting and prioritizing goals.For each of the four threats, include one visual (graph or chart) to represent the data you have collected. The visual should be incorporated into the information/topics presented in the slides.Cite at least five credible sources excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.For information on how to complete the required assignment deliverables in PowerPoint, please refer to your account or reach out to your instructor ahead of time.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Examine the factors that account for why the growth in the world’s population can negatively affect the global society.

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