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Expert answer:SHARP From Within the US Army And Potential Soluti - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:write an essay an essay addressing SHARP from within the armyand making recomendations on how leaders at Sergeant level can implement potential solutions. essay should addess why do cases of sexual harrasment and sexual assault continue to take place in the army despite all the training and education that takes place/REQUIREMENTAPA format, complete with tittle page, abstarct and reference ;double spaced, i in Margins, two spaces after every final punctuation, arial size 2 fontminimum of two primary references(ARs,personal interviews,peer review articles, etc)Strong purpose statment 1-2 pages, not including title page, abstarct and refence pages*Introduction(1-2 Paragrphs)a)Opening Statement (b) background information (c)purpose statement* Body(2-4 Paragraphs0a) Why does sexual assault occur? includesupporting evidence (b)does our current approach to training reduce the risk of sexual assault and harrasment (c)supporting topic & evidence to support your purpose statement (d)how do we end sexual vilence in the military9 recommendations?solutions)?*Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)a) summarize the main point (b) make a strong, memorable final statement

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Expert answer:SHARP From Within the US Army And Potential Soluti
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