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Expert answer:Select one pharmaceutical drug that is currently m - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Topic Dupixent drug Select one pharmaceutical drug that is currently marketed to consumers.Describe the therapy (Company, Brand Name, Generic Name, Drug Class/Disease Category). Then identify and research the competitors, list all the competitors and complete a SWOT analysis for the drug that you’ve selected. If you can’t find any competitors indicate that this drug is “first to market” and within the SWOT discuss the potential impact. (Present the SWOT analysis within your posting).Swot analysis work sheet attached to fill out.

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Expert answer:Select one pharmaceutical drug that is currently m
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Marketing Program
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
Directions: Carefully read the case study and note every strength, weakness, opportunity,
and threat. Don’t forget to look at the exhibits and charts; these can point out important
information for your SWOT analysis. You don’t need to fill in every cell in the tables,
although some cells may have several entries. You may need to conduct additional research
on the industry, the economic climate, and other topics to fully understand the environment
in which the company operates.
Internal Micro
Environmental Factor
These are strengths;
they will help the
marketing effort
These are weaknesses;
they will hinder the
marketing effort
These are opportunities
for the company in its
marketing efforts
These are threats to the
company’s marketing
a. Company
b. Suppliers
c. Intermediaries
d. Competitors
e. Publics
f. Customers
External Macro
Environmental Factor
a. Demographic trends in the
b. Cultural influences affecting
consumer decision-making
c. Natural resources needed
as inputs by marketer
d. Political or economic
conditions affecting
consumers’ purchasing power
e. New technologies impacting
the industry
f. Laws, agencies, or pressure
groups that could limit or
enhance marketing
Develop a conclusion based on your SWOT analysis that takes into account the most
important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and their overall impact on the
marketing effort. Take this conclusion into consideration when making your final

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