Expert answer:respond to 2 classmates discussions in 2 different


Solved by verified expert:I need to respond to 2 classmates discussions in 2 different classes. (A total of 4 responses)Respond to at least two classmates by discussing how their chosen examples of research compare to your own and whether they also affect your life. How is research all around us?


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Expert answer:respond to 2 classmates discussions in 2 different
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Surname 1
Discussion 5
Looking back to the proposal you wrote in week three, think about what
evidence you might need to convince your readers to accept your proposal. Write
three to four research questions based on your proposal. Then, list places you
might find sources that could help you to best support your plan.
Work with your classmates to refine your questions and share ideas about where
you might find quality sources.
View your discussion rubric.
My Answer:
Sources for my Proposal
My proposal suggests that the business should partner with larger hotels for marketing. Out of
this business move several research questions can be reviewed:
1. Which hotels in Yuba County area have the highest number of visitors? To access
information enabling me to answer this question, I could refer to documentation of the
California Chamber of Commerce. Elsewhere, I could refer to traveling websites such as
Trip Advisor for more information on the topic.
2. What are the benefits of teaming up with travel destinations? The benefits of the business
move I proposed should also be sought to justify it. I could get information on this
question from business journals such as Harvard Review. I could also get information
from travel magazines.
3. What are the financial implications of collaborating with hotel destinations? To answer
this question, I can turn to financial analysts. Specifically, business journals, as earlier
mentioned can be effective in analyzing the financial implications. I can also turn to other
peer-reviewed journals on travel and finances to gain information on financial
implications of the move.
Another Response: (Michael Callaway)
Just a quick review of my proposal on my mock business that is a restaurant / auto shop;
Surname 2
“Change the vehicle maintenance drop off to the entrance of the restaurant to include three
lanes for valet drop off and use the side entrance of the restaurant for valet pick up. This
change will allow for quicker drop off times, more customers due to no wait, more efficient
use of the auto shop workers, and increase of revenue. Install a monitoring system that will
display in the restaurant showing our customers the exact status of their vehicle. Giving the
customer the peace of mind knowing where their vehicle is at during the maintenance
My questions on my proposal would be:
How will the change in the drop off procedures help the business?
Is it going to be cost effective?
Do we have enough staff / space for the increase in production?
What adverse effects will this have on the business?
Here is my problem, coming up with a list of sites that can validate these question. From
chapter 14 in the book, the primary source is collecting evidence from
observations, experiments, surveys, and interviews. So, I would have to do a test run with
the new design and use that data to answer all the questions. As for the secondary
source, using academic journals, websites, and research databases, I don’t even know where
to start looking for those questions.
Technical Communication Today; Chapter 10 & 14
Another Response: (Thomas Mathieu)
My proposal is attached below for reference. The proposal suggested a
radical redesign of a signal processor board included on two of our flagship
product designs. Since the major product feature is the on-board computer,
the ramifications for the decision makers could swing investor opinion of the
company and affect profits.
How does your idea fit in current market trends?
For market study, attendance and monitoring of large trade shows
like and the state of the art in
current product design. We can gauge consumer interest in the novel product we are
proposing. Decision makers are likely to ask where our idea fits in the latest market
offerings. Are we far off from the current state of the art?
Surname 3
Is our current price too high and will customers expect to pay less for
the new design?
Our product is a high-cost, low volume offering. Do we have a board
house who can respond to custom requests in low volumes?
Customers often equate high cost to quality guitars. We will need to shop around for similar
offerings to see how our cost fits in the market. For a project of this magnitude, our
company would consider a consulting firm to help with the marketing study. These reports
are typically expensive but critical. Example
Since our computer boards are low volume and customized for each guitar model and shape,
we could essentially go to any PCB prototype house and quote based on our production
needs. Here is an example of a typical PCB house where we can quote different scenarios of
our design and include these values in our proposals and reports:
The proposal states that the new DSP design is cutting edge. How do
we compare with the current market and where is it going?
We mentioned in our proposal that we were designing a new digital signal processer in our
design. My idea was a work of fiction, but if I were researching the state of the art in DSP
technologies, a good start would be here:
Week 3 proposal internal G00155586.docx
Another Response: (Frank Chavez)
Hello Class,
Looking back at my week three proposal, the questions I may have to address to convince
my readers to accept my proposal would be as follows:
1. What is the cost to continue to repair old equipment and how often would the
equipment need to be repaired on average? This link has a lot of information pertaining to Hobart equipment. The live
consultant will answer any questions you may have. They even will email you any information you ask for
pertaining to their products.
2. What is the cost of new equipment apose to buying used equipment?
This information can be found at the following websites: – This website is for the Hobart company to purchase new
equipment. It has links for any questions you may have. This site even has a link for
consumer consult. – This website is like
a craiglist that has closed business used equipment and personal equipment for sale. This
site does have contact links for the seller but most of warranties are expired.
Surname 4
3. How long is the warranty and what does it cover? – This site is where you can find out about warranties. They also can look up
any Hobart brand to check if it has a warranty or not.
I have attached my week 3 proposal for reference.
ENG361_Chavez W3 assignment.docx (15.327 KB)
Another Response: (Levi Morey)
Question 1- How much will developing a mobile app for my business cost my business?
Was given this article from our instructor, and it contains a lot of good information… if I
were to apply this information real world, this information made me instantly realize that
my app dreams are not going to happen and a web based internet portal is much more
likely, but for sake of the assignment, I’m going to keep going with that app idea for know.
Question 2- Will my customers information be safe in my mobile app?
As I found in the article above, even data in mobile apps is able to be stored in a way that is
safe for my customers.
Question 3- Will I be able to link my customers data from their app to my central business
data base for company use?
Question 4- Is a mobile app really the right thing for my company, or would a highly
interactive web page be better fit for my company’s needs?
This one is more of a personal question that I am not sure if any research is required. Your
thoughts would be appreciated though.
Another Response: (Jonathan Posey)
With my proposal of starting a technical repair shop. Some of the questions that come to
mind would be how do I get the various companies to allow my company to do
warranty work for them like Apple, Samsung, LG, Vizio and Motorola to name a few. Then
the next question is where do I send my technician to get the proper training. Also what to
look for in a person as in education and what their study area would be good to hire to excel
my company further into the future.
Surname 5
1. for Apple products.
2. for Samsung products
These are just a few of the place that I would check to confirm the different training area’s.
Another Response: (Anthony White)
My proposal suggests that the business should form
partnerships with other local RV sales lots for marketing.
Several questions have been put in place regarding this
Question 1: Considering the RV industry boom, how will this affect your
A: The boom of the industry gives us a great chance to offer more units in all
categories, and the ratio of selling new and refurbished units helps us in
keeping costs relatively low.
Question 2: How will partnering up with other RV sellers help your
business grow?
A: This decision to help other sellers is beneficial to both sides because in
doing so, we are becoming affiliates of each other, and we can study, compare
and analyze the growth and sales of each of our partners.
Question 3: Will your lower prices have an effect on customer service?
A: We always strive to give our buyers and renters the upmost satisfaction
when they look for their “dream RV” here at our lot.
Another Response: (Christian Graber)
As we saw from the reading this week, research is an important element of a good report
(Johnson-Sheehan). Research must be done to gather data to support the points of your
The first thing we will need for the readers to be able to accept the proposal is an accurate
portrayal of the potential costs associated with opening a gym. If we can not give them an
accurate estimate on this then they will be unwilling to accept it.
Surname 6
I have been researching based on various gym owners experiences what an estimate might
The next thing we will need to convince them of is that we will be able to generate revenue
to pay off the initial startup costs and be a sustainable business model:
The third thing we will need to convince them of is the growth of the fitness industry.
According to Eamonn Curley in his article the fitness industry has been growing by 3-4%
annually and we will need to show this growth to convince the
Another Response: (Travis Korink)
The mock business I have chosen is an electrical consulting firm specializing in lighting. A
potential client is having a building constructed and has asked us look for solutions to lower
the initial costs. The week three proposal I came up with is an entry-leveled design
engineer looking into a few solutions for the senior engineer to look at. In the proposal the
employee notices some bloat in the lighting control system of the building. This will lead to
a more in-depth look into the solution, which brings in the need for this week’s assignment,
a formal report.
I kind of made up some fictional lighting systems for the assignments, but they are based on
ones I’ve worked with in real life, so real data can be used. But first, we need to ask a few
questions. Since we are already working from a situation in which we already have a
hypothesis, we need to ask some questions in which to form and hopefully prove that
What is the current situation? — What is the lighting system now, and how much is it costing the
client? This question can only be answered from the project submittals.
What are the clients needs? — What level of control does the client desire and require? Is there a way
to simplify the current situation? This question must be answered from the client; perhaps it has already been
established in a company meeting or email
Will the proposed lighting system lower costs and meet the clients needs? — This is the main research
question and topic of the report. This question can be answered primarily by the source
itself: We could also utilize past job reports or
receive information about the system from electrical contractors familiar with the product or owners who
currently use the product.
These are probably the biggest questions concerning this report. Once all the information is
analyzed, we can use it to modify our hypothesis if necessary and begin drafting the report.
Johnson-Sheehan, R. Technical Communication Today. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved
Surname 7
Another Response: (Blake Guiterez)
Since my business is cleaning solar panels, I think I should probably research things like:
How much cost goes into cleaning solar panels per household? (profit v cost)
How much of the customer’s water will I use? (customer cost)
How long does it take to clean solar panels? (customer convenience)
How often do I need to clean solar panels? (necessities)
I might have to research various websites about solar panels and how dust effects them. I
also may want to research the best ways to clean them because I don’t think I would use
heavy chemicals on them.
Another Response: (Shelby Chopp)
For a little bit of background information on my proposal, I created a plan to develop a
website that allows for customers to make online orders. My company did not have any type
of website at the time of my proposal. After some brief research, I found that Squarespace
seemed to be the best fit for our company based on the price, feature, and functionality since
this would be managed by a current staff member of Joe On The Go. The questions that I
felt readers might have were:
1. How did Squarespace compare to other website design companies?
2. Why did you choose to go with managing the website yourself instead of hiring an outside
3. Do you feel like your employee can keep up with managing the website?
Some of the places that I plan to find information to support my proposal is from the
Squarespace website itself. Here is where I will find more information about the company
and all that it provides for our website. I also plan to use comparison websites like this
( ) to support my
reasonings behind choosing Squarespace. And last, I plan to use examples from employee
history to support why I felt like our business was capable to manage a website on our own.
Another Response: (Brandon Bailey)
Good Morning Classmates,
After I went back and reviewed my proposal I came up with the following
Where can I find the data to support my claim?
How do I show my boss the importance of the board members saying yes to my proposal?
How can I show the effectiveness of my proposal?
Surname 8
I believe I have stated this before. My business idea is all futuristic in nature. To find actual
data and any related topic is hard and non-existent, to say the least. My best option would
be to look at similar companies that are in the virtual reality business and base my data and
facts of their enterprises. I would have to look at their stock shares, revenue and how long
have they been in business and been successful. My only choice is to try and mirror their
data the best I can.
Another Response: (Jessie Walters)
Hello Class. My business plan was Uncle Jessie’s garage with a business proposal of
adding a heavy wheeled wrecker recovery service to my shop. Here are my following
questions that I feel need to be answered.
1. How many wrecker services are available in my region currently?
2. Were any of them that were previously here go out of business and if so, why.
3. How many people will I be supporting?
4. What is the expected gross income, compared to the cost of purchasing trucks and
personnel to run them?
For question 1. I just googled wrecker services near me and found more than 100 companies
within a 100 mile radius. but only 4 heavy equipment recovery services. Then I would go to
the county clerk of courts to do some research on businesses in the area, and focus on those
currently and pass performances. My next goal would be to talk to the local police
departments, dealerships, and insurance companies to see what services that currently use,
and if there is a need for wrecker services. And then finally, I would have to price the cost of
a new, used tow truck, with the average pay a tow truck driver makes hourly. With that
information, I can create a cost analysis that can be used to help explain my proposal.
Running head: OPINION POLL
Discussion 5
Survey Data
Surveys try to measure opinions about populations relating to political beliefs,
religious views, diet and exercise, and all manner of lifestyle choices.
For this week’s discussion, search for an online poll. If you don’t have a polling
source in mind, you can explore the Pew Research Center, any news source, or Share the data revealed by your chosen poll, and draw
three conclusions to explain the poll’s results. When drawing conclusions,
consider what the poll measures, what big the sample size was, or how
trustworthy the results are. Try to use the textbook to look for ways to assess
the results.
When responding to your classmates, compare their findings to your own and
provide them with feedback on the accuracy of their conclusions. For example,
do you find the explanations to be credible? Is there another way to interpret
the data? Were the questions poorly written? This discussion forum will help
you practice analysis for the final project, so ask yourself questions about each
other’s findings.
View your discussion rubric.
My Answer:
Opinion Poll
With the continued growth of America that continues to become racially and
ethnically diverse, Americans have complicated and contradicting views regarding the impact
of diversity and the best way of achieving it. In their poll, Pew Research Center found that
sixty-six percent of U.S adults are satisfied with the racial mix. Fifty-four percent claim that
children should be enrolled at local schools, even if it results in less diversity. There is also a
forty-two percent stating that children should go to racially and ethnically mixed students
even if it results in students going to schools outside their local community. Most of the
Americans, comprising fifty-seven percent says that ethnic diversity is good, twenty percent
saying that ethnic diversity is somewhat good, five percent saying its somewhat bad, one
percent very bad, and seventeen percent saying that it is neither good nor bad for the country.
A majority, sixty-four percent perceive diversity as having a positive impact o …
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