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Solved by verified expert:I would like to make a full rephrasing to the attached word file. Please rephrase the whole thing and do not keep anything the same. Do not only change one word out of the sentence. The thing should be readable. For a better reference use the company’s website (

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Expert answer:Rephrase of old Work
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General Information
Metal Dynamics Corporation (MDC) is a manufacture foundry producing sand and
investment castings. In 1986 MDC expanded their capabilities to include the investment casting
process. MDC’s products are sold domestically through direct marketing. MDC’s castings are
sold primarily to oilfield equipment manufacturers, but their customer base also includes
manufacturers of simulation equipment, hand tools, liquid level measuring equipment, oil spill
containment equipment, the defense industry and ornamental/statuary products. MDC’s annual
sales volume ranges from $3M to $5M. MDC have about 25 employees working in the facility.
At Metal Dynamics they offer many different core types ranging from dry sand cores, blown
shell cores, and ceramic cores. MDC also has new serves which is 3D modeling, scanning, and
Green Sand Molding
Green Sand Molding castings are made using sand molds made from wet sand which
contains water and organic bonding compounds.

Advantages of Green Sand
1) Adaptable to large or small quantities
2) Almost no limit on size, shape or weight of part.
3) Low Pattern & Material costs.

Disadvantages of Green Sand
1) Low design difficulty.
2) Lower dimensional accuracy.
No-Bake Sand Molding
No-Bake Sand is a grain sand mixed with a two-part urethane binder to make sand

Advantages of No-Bake Sand Molding
1) Less skill and labor.
2) Better dimensional control.
3) Better surfaces.
4) High strength mold.
5) Adaptable to large or small quantities.

Disadvantages of No-Bake Sand Molding
1) Sand temperatures dangerous.
2) Patterns need additional maintenance.
common products that are likely to be made using the following casting processes:
Green Sand
Filter Base
No-Bake Sand
Slurry Pumps
Connecting Rod
Permanent mold
Gilled Cowling
Four Hydraulic
Bucket Teeth
Guide Housing
Gear Cases
Gear Seat
Rear Wheel Hubs

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