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Solved by verified expert:Hi, I got some feed back from my prof, -The first paragraph is too much summary, you can separate them into supporting paragraphs.-The techniques are too broad, like “characterization”,”imagery”,‘symbolism’. you can describe them a little bit, such as how Yiyun Li use this technique in the book.-The top sentence of each supporting paragraph should be very strong, it should state your main idea of the paragraph and connect the idea to thesis statement.-The structure of supporting paragraph should be: 1.Topic sentence(state the main idea of paragraph and connect to the thesis statement)2.Example,Quote (The structure of quote should be Introduce the quote—show the quote—analysis the quote)3.Analysis-The title should be interesting, don’t just be “analysis of …”-The main idea should be very clear.-1200-1400 words.

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Expert answer:refine the essay
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